Exa Falcon is developed and manufactured by Falcon Group

Our mini excavators are designed to be easy to operate and maneuver, with simple controls and a small footprint. Despite their compact size, they are powerful enough to handle a wide range of tasks, from digging trenches and foundations to demolishing old structures.

The Falcon Group and Exa Falcon itself are a natural step in the development of Võidu Invest OÜ – an Estonian metal manufactory specialized in building machines and parts for forestry, agriculture, and heavy freight.

Our metal works complex in Northern Estonia employs up to 30 employees; engineers in mechatronics, machine building specialists, economists and design experts, certified welders, and trained CNC machining operators.


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Endless manufacturing possibilities

Our primary business is designing and manufacturing products and parts to create established end products for our clients. We can process sheet steele from 3-30 mm, and piping with a diameter up to 400 mm. Today, our manufactory has the hardware and competence for:

  • laser cutting
  • forming sheet metal and piping on CNC machines
  • milling and lathe shaping on CNC machines
  • welding
  • shot blasting
  • powder coating

The natural continuation of our manufacturing and development work has been creating innovative in-house products with variations. Our existing products and competency for developing new products are united under the Falcon brand.